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Executive Search

Auto Group President, VP, COO, CFO, Platform Manager. Individual Dealership General Manager, CFO, COO, Financial & Accounting Management

Automotive General Manager Job Openigns

Heidi Nelson  28th Year
Senior Executive Recruiter
Individual Google Rating of 5.0 ★★★★★

Hi, my name is Heidi Nelson and this is my 28th year at Car People.   I really enjoy helping you with your Confidential Search for a new Executive or Upper Level Management position.

No matter where you work or who you work for your contact with me will be 100% confidential.  You are my customer and have the right to look for a new job if that’s your choice.

Auto Jobs Portland Oregon

I look forward to helping you confidentially as a customer with your Career, Resume, Interview Coaching and Compensation. We make it easy for you!  This is our 35th year in business.

We have the contacts!  Many of the Auto Group CEO’s, VP’s and other Corporate Officers, individual Dealer Principals and General Managers I work with are long term customers.

Placed General Manager
Promoted to C.O.O of Auto Group

Heidi is exceptional to work with. I spent over a year working with her for a relocation to Oregon. She placed me at the best Honda Dealership in the Northwest. She worked tirelessly to get the job done, the assistance in preparation was perfect. I would highly recommend Car People to anyone. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Placed General Manager

Heidi was professional to work with, helped me with my resume and got me an interview for my new job as General Manager. I’d recommend Heidi and Car People if you are looking for a new automotive job!! Thanks Heidi I love my new job!

Executive Search

Auto Group Platform Fixed Operations Director, Regional Fixed Operations Director, Individual Dealership Fixed Operations Director, Service Director, Parts Director, Body Shop Director

Melissa Lacasella  10th Year
Senior Executive Recruiter
Individual Google Rating of 5.0 ★★★★★

Hi, my name is Melissa Lacasella and this is my 10th year at Car People confidentially helping my Upper Level Fixed Operations, Service, Parts and Body Shop customers interview confidentially for a new Corporate Auto Group or Dealership position.

We have the contacts! Many of the Dealer Principal’s, Auto Group Corporate Officers and General Managers I work with are long term customers.

Auto Service Job Openings

I look forward to helping you confidentially as a customer with your Career, Resume, Interview Coaching and Compensation. We make it easy for you!   This is our 35th year in business.

Placed Platform Fixed Operations Director 

Melissa did a good job of listening to my situation and what type of job I wanted at this point in my career. I didn’t want to just jump into something.  She was very aware of what I wanted and found me two opportunities.  She did a good job of tailoring those jobs to my needs. Melissa placed me as a Fixed Operations Director and I love it here!

Executive Level Auto Group & Individual Dealership Candidate Search, Advertising, Evaluation, Vetting and Communication
Wade Gefre

Wade Gefre President | Owner
Director of Recruiting
35th Year

Hi, my name is Wade Gefre and this is my 33rd year at Car People confidentially working with our Executive Level Management placements in Corporate Auto Group or Dealership positions.

As a former Executive Level Recruiter for 30 years I now assist Heidi and Melissa as Director of Recruiting with candidate evaluation, vetting including checking multiple references and communicating with candidates or  employers at times as needed.

I look forward to helping you confidentially as a customer with your Career, Resume, Interview Coaching and Compensation. We make it easy for you!   This is our 33rd year in business.

Dealer Principal | Portland Metro Luxury Dealership

We appreciate the service you and your staff have given to our Auto Group over the 15 plus years we have called on Car People Oregon. Your careful review of the job position requirements and screening of potential applicants delivers to us the viable candidates we desire. We also appreciate the fact you are not out scouting individuals who are currently working, but rather only work with those that have contacted CAR PEOPLE to earn business and develop trust from the local auto industry.

Comment from a Placed Aftermarket & Special Projects Manager - Auto Group Corporate Office
Placed Aftermarket & Special Projects Manager – Auto Group Corporate Office

Heidi is a priceless asset to me.  As a recruiter she is the full package.  I have worked with other executive recruiters and none of them have come close to Heidi.  She focused on me and the jobs she had for me.  Heidi helped me with my resume, my new apartment and my move!

Comment From a Chief Financial Officer
Automotive CFO, Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Dealership

Heidi has helped me as an outside recruiter for the past three years. Before I moved to Portland I had a poor image of what an outside recruiting agency could do for me as an employer. In fact, I wouldn’t use them ever. Heidi changed that attitude for me in a very positive way. She definitely earns the fees she charges. I have hired numerous successful employees through Heidi that have been great success stories. I would, without question, recommend Heidi Nelson and her recruiting services to anyone. She is awesome!

Comment from a Dealer Principal


Dealer Principal, Northwest Auto Group

Compared with your competition in other cities you never sent anyone that wasn’t qualified and didn’t want to be in Boise, Idaho. I have talked to lots of different recruiters and you really did your homework. You were very patient with me and I can be difficult to work for. You really earned your stripes and want to thank you for helping me find the right match for the Controller position open at our Auto Group.

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