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Google Rating 5.0 ★★★★★


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Google Rating 5.0 ★★★★★


Melissa, you have been an amazing and wonderful ally now and in the past. I really appreciate you, your work ethic, your drive, your attention to detail. Thank you for all you’ve done for me and I’ll definitely keep you updated in my new chapter.

Comment from a Placed Customer
New Car Dealership Parts Manager


“Thanks Heidi. I really enjoy working with you. I truly appreciate your support and transparency. You’re very honest and helpful and have given me many great tools and advice over the past years.”
“Looking forward to many more!! Have a great day!!”

Comment from a Long Term Dealership Office Manager
Placement of an Experienced Dealership Accounting Administrator


★★★★★ Google Review – I have wanted to move to Portland for many years and thanks to Melissa I just completed my first day in my new position at a perfect for me dealership. From initial contact Melissa took hold of the application process and made it very easy, she arranged travel to interview, hire cars, help with my resume, advice on relocation even down to calling a friend who lived where I was about to move to in order to get me feedback and had constant contact with me thru the process even though it took quite a while.”

“I felt like I had a team mate encouraging and advising me every step of the way. I have worked with recruiters in the past and just felt like a commodity in a sale but this was a very different experience.”

Thank you Melissa.

Comment from a Placed Customer
Motorsports Dealership Service & Parts Director


★★★★★ Google Review – “Heidi was amazing to work with! She is professional, really cares about her people and is extremely insightful. Thanks to her I was able to land with a top notch organization as a Sales Manager. I love coming to work and see a great outlook on my overall career now. If you’re looking for someone who’ll put in the extra work to find you the ideal job, give Heidi a call !!!”

Comment from a Placed Customer
New Car Dealership Sales Manager


“Thanks for the help growing our business”

Comment from an Auto Group Dealer Principal
Placed an Experienced Auto Group Fixed Operations Director

“I just want to say thank you so much for everything you have done in my career. This is the second time you guys have placed me into an amazing dealership.”

“I can’t say enough about Melissa, she was nice and friendly to talk to like I’ve known her for years. She listened to what I was looking for and nailed it. I am extremely happy to be here and excited to be a part of this Auto Group.”

“I always have and always will continue to recommend Car People to any of my current or past co workers who are looking for a job in the auto industry.”

“Thank you so much for what you guys do it really made the job search that much less stressful.”

Comment from a Placed Service Advisor

“I first spoke with Heidi 16 years ago when I was going through a tough time and moving to Oregon. Heidi gave me great advice about getting my degree in accounting and how it would help me in an automotive career.”

“She was instrumental in me getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. She placed me with a Portland area Auto Group and has been supporting me all along since then giving me great advice, information and support. I have the highest respect for her.”

I now have my Master’s Degree in Business.”

“If Heidi presents someone to me to potentially hire, I trust here and know she knows what she’s talking about.”

Placed Auto Group Accounting Manager
Portland Area Auto Group

Heidi, I really appreciate all of your help and advice throughout my career.  You have truly made such a positive impact in my life. Wishing you a good day!

Placed HR Manager
Oregon Area Auto Group

★★★★★ Google Review – Melissa got me a job crazy fast and it was exactly what I was looking for! Car people, you rock!”

Comment from a Placed Customer
Dealership Parts Counter

“Heidi is THE premier matchmaker for the dealership industry.  We’ve collaborated on many hiring projects over the past 25 years. Her professional reputation is second-to-none and, as a bonus, she’s a delight to work with!”

Auto Group Accounting Manager

★★★★★ Google Review ” Melissa has been fantastic helping match my skills with a company in need so we both benefit all without the stresses caused by job hunting. She has always had the best intentions and worked diligently in presenting me to employers that would be a great match for both of us. I strongly believe I would not be in my current position without Melissa and the rest of the team at Car People. In fact, I continue to consult with Melissa when I’m seeking employees. Highly Recommend!”

Comment From A Placed Customer

Dealership Service Manager, Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Dealership

“Thank you for your assistance in placing our new Vehicle Accounting Administrator with us Heidi!  I always appreciate how much enthusiasm you put into finding the perfect fit for all parties involved.  I’m really looking forward to helping her get started with our dealership.”

Comment from a Controller
Vehicle Accounting Admin Placement

“That feeling when you have the best in your corner = priceless.”

“Heidi, thank you so much for all the effort and time you have invested in my career growth.”

Comment From a Business Manager

Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Dealership

I have hired 6 to 8 people from you this year and I’m very happy with everyone of them. You guys do a great job getting us good people. Our new Collision Center Manager is a particularly good hire. I’m so glad Heidi suggested I interview him.

Comment From a Dealer Principal

Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Dealership

★★★★★ Google Review – Melissa did a great job of sending me qualified candidates to choose from and was very helpful thru the whole process. Have used car people previously and with good success.”

Comment from an Employer Customer
Dealership Multiple Rooftops Fixed Operations Director

★★★★★ Google Review –  “Heidi was great and so easy to work with. She helped me update my resume and found me exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend Heidi and Car People to anyone who is looking for opportunities in the automotive business.”

Comment From A Placed Customer

Dealership Accounting Admin, Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Dealership

★★★★★ Google Review – Melissa provided us with several exceptional Service Advisor candidates which allowed us to find the perfect advisor. Thank you Melissa your service was exceptional.”

Comment from an Employer Customer 
Dealership Service Manager

 ” Heidi, we appreciate you and your work for our Auto Group. Michelle and Carla are still here. Tim, our General Manager now our C.O.O. is also a great boon for your ability to match skill set with Auto Group. Tim is definitely a keeper and fits well within our culture and mission. Thank you for that (him) !!”

Comment From an Auto Group HR Director

Auto Group HR Director, Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Auto Group

Thank you Heidi, both people you sent me were excellent choices. I’m bringing back the one I’ve chosen and am going to offer him the job mostly due to his direct experience with our car line. Thanks again for securing just the right people for our dealership.

Comment From An Employer Customer

Confidential General Manager, Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Luxury Dealership

★★★★★ Google Review  – “Melissa was awesome and helped me find the perfect position. If you need to find a job in the auto industry this is the place to use. Thank you Car People!”

Comment from a Placed Customer
Dealership Parts Counter

★★★★★ Google Review – Awesome company, excellent communications and follow up. I relocated from the East Coast. I recommend Car People to anyone in the Automotive industry. These guys helped me with an awesome opportunity. Wade and Heidi are the best.

Comment from a Placed and Employer Customer
Dealership General Manager

I just wanted to thank you again for all the support. You truly should be a motivational speaker. There are not that many people that I speak to who make me feel truly motivated when I talk to them, but you are definitely one. I think you provide an amazing service to people, and I will always recommend really great candidates to you if I run across any in the future. Thanks again for all that you do and have done!

Comment From A Placed Customer

Service Advisor | Technician

★★★★★ Google Review – I have utilized Car People’s services for over 30 years, not only for my personal automotive career needs but also in hiring many quality employees as well. Wade and his staff have always taken pride in doing their due diligence in “vetting” their clients before presenting them for hire. This, I find, is what separates Car People from other staffing services. Hiring good people is time consuming and not easy to do. Having Car People do the hard work for you just makes sense.”

Comment from a Placed and Employer Customer
Dealership Fixed Operations Director

The Service Advisor Melissa just got me is the best hire I’ve ever had through Car People. He came on board with no customers and yet his numbers are the highest of our Advisors. He is also a great guy personally. I want to thank Melissa for the referral.

Comment from a Hiring Manager – 2017
Fixed Operations Director | Portland Metro Dealership | 25 Year Customer

★★★★★ Google Review – Heidi and Wade treated me with the utmost in professionalism and discretion. Heidi is very good about taking the time to find out about her clients and was skillful in matching my personality and needs with an employer where those traits would be valued. Thank you Heidi and Wade, you are both awesome.”

Comment from a Placed Customer
General Sales Manager

★★★★★ Google Review – “Melissa was incredibly easy to work with. FAST, efficient, and highly communicative. I’ve used Car People twice now and their service has been beyond reproach. I would not and will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone and plan to use them if I should need them anytime in the future. The best ally anyone working in the dealership environment can possibly have!”

Comment from a Placed Customer
Dealership Parts Counter

★★★★★ Google Review – I have dealt with Heidi and Wade for over 9 years. As people I can tell you there are none better. They are great at what they do and are also compassionate and kind. If you would like help finding the perfect position while gaining mentors in the process I highly recommend them.”

Comment from a Placed Customer
Accounting Administrator

★★★★★ Google Review – Heidi is delightful to work with, and found me a new job even though I’d been out of the business for awhile, and out of any new car location for a very long while.”

Comment from a Placed Customer
Title & Accounting Administrator

Car People Portland is the best place to find out about jobs that aren’t posted. For me that was the biggest asset. They helped with my resume and had two good opportunities for me right away and placed me in six days.

Comment From A Placed Customer

Placed Service Manager, Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Tier One Import Dealership (This applicant had a 14 year Service Manager position at one dealership and excellent references.)

★★★★★ Google Review – Great people. Heidi is the best. She will help make your resume sparkle for free. They find you the best jobs out there for your skills and Give you tips for interviews. They have found me 5 very good jobs over the years. Highly recommend.”

Comment from a Placed Customer
Dealership Parts Counter

★★★★★ Google Review – I recently moved to Oregon. With all the stress with moving, finding a job was the least of my worries because Heidi made sure I had a job waiting for me. I would most definitely recommend Heidi.”

Comment from a Placed Customer
Dealership Office Manager

★★★★★ Google Review – Melissa was very supportive and provided very good information. She made the experience very positive.”

Comment from a Placed Customer
Dealership Service Director

★★★★★ Google Review – Melissa is awesome! got me a great job that I really love!! Thanks Melissa!!”

Comment from a Placed Customer
Dealership Parts Counter

Heidi has been great to work with over the years! Its hard to apply for new jobs when you are already working so Heidi is my go to girl to find the right job for me!

Comment from a Placed Customer
Office Administration

I’ve never used a service like you guys and I must say I’m glad I did. You guys are very knowledgeable, helpful and very friendly. Thank you, I’m glad I was referred to you!

Comment From Applicant

Service Advisor Candidate , Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Tier One Import Dealership

I had my first day today and everyone was so welcoming and warm. This is a great atmosphere and I cannot thank you enough for the best job ever. Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! You really made it happen and how thrilling to find your description was totally accurate of the people here. They just are very nice, businesslike and straightforward people who love being at the dealership and their jobs there.
Please let me know where I can properly rave about you and your services…I would love to do that.
Thank You again!! I’m your Biggest Fan.

Comment From A Placed Customer

Placed Showroom Receptionist, Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Dealership

Wade did a great job finding me my new Service Manager position in the area of the Northwest I wanted to move to. He was very professional, easy to work with and cared about my relocation of my family. I really like my new job and employer.

Comment From A Placed Customer

Confidential new Service Manager, Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Automotive Dealership (This applicant had a good job history and good references.)

I just wanted to call to tell you thanks for finding me this position as Service Manager, it couldn’t be a better fit for me. Things couldn’t be better, we are growing the department and on track to set a record. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you finding this job for me; I wouldn’t have found it on my own.

Comment From A Placed Customer

Placed Service Manager, Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Dealership

I really appreciate all your help, you are a fantastic guy and an excellent resource. If I ever hear of anyone looking for placement I will absolutely refer them to you! I will also look for online reviews sites and write some good reviews for you. Feel free to contact me at any time if you need anything from me.
Thanks again!

Comment From A Placed Customer

Placed VW Advisor, Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Dealership

Heidi, I will tell you, I appreciate your communication. It is apparent you are a professional in your field. I have gotten folks in the same industry as yours that are inattentive. This process is refreshing.

Comment From An Employer

General Manager, Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Dealership

After calling Car People Portland things couldn’t have gone more perfectly. Wade did all of the work for me. He knew what kind of employer I wanted to work for and sent me to the right people. We are busy here!

Comment From A Placed Customer

Placed Service Advisor, Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Dealership (Candidate had a 7 year Advisor job with an excellent reference from his former employer.)

I just love it here, the people are so nice, the benefits are good and the little extra I drive is so worth it. I’m so happy here. Heidi was wonderful, all of you guys are. I had a new job before I had a chance to worry. They give me new things to learn and rely on me to do the things I already know how to. Thanks again.

Comment From A Placed Customer

Placed Title Administrator, Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Dealership

Heidi has helped me as an outside recruiter for the past three years. Before I moved to Portland I had a poor image of what an outside recruiting agency could do for me as an employer. In fact, I wouldn’t use them ever. Heidi changed that attitude for me in a very positive way. She definitely earns the fees she charges. I have hired numerous successful employees through Heidi that have been great success stories. I would, without question, recommend Heidi Nelson and her recruiting services to anyone. She is awesome!

Comment From a Hiring Manager

Automotive CFO, Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Dealership

Car People Portland has been consistent throughout the years. Wade has been persistent in helping me in my career since the early 1990’s. He has been consistent and caring in finding me appropriate positions that fit my background.

Comment From a Recently Placed Customer

Placed Service Manager, Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Dealership

Heidi, I really appreciate all the help you provided during our search. The customer service you provided me with is top notch and you will continue to be my first call when I need a position filled.

Comment From A Placed Customer

Confidential Office Manager

I love it here!!!! Everyone is so friendly, helpful and wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect fit! You are so wonderful Heidi. Thank you. I can’t express my gratitude to you for being so quick in finding me a job. And for all the chances you took on me. Your faith in me and how well I would do at this position is overwhelming. I have never had someone go out on such a limb for me before. I have never dealt with such efficiency. You are great!

Comment From A Placed Customer

Placed Receptionist, Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Dealership

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CAR PEOPLE OREGON is not a Franchise. We are a “start up” dating back to 1986. We are a privately held business owned by Wade Gefre joined by two talented and successful Placement Counselors / Executive Recruiters Heidi Nelson (29th year) and Melissa Lacasella (11th year).

As a privately owned business we have the freedom to focus on our customers, our employees and their families. We have the freedom to conduct business with care for our customers, honesty, sincerity and integrity.

Featured Testimonials

“Melissa, and Car People, was a godsend to me in helping me land a position in the automotive industry. They literally do all the heavy-lifting for you and make everything so easy. I was in the process of trying to move as well as wanting to find a new job, but was dreading all of the hunting and drawn out interviews and everything involved. I am now in a position at a company that I could not be happier with, and it is all thanks to Melissa!”

Placed Dealership Service Manager

Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Dealership

Heidi, I feel you and your company handled my placement very professionally and expertly. You waited until you found a good fit while others would have sent me out on anything close. You thoroughly researched my references and background. I understood what the job was and the pay. In short, I recommended to several other hiring manager’s they should call you as you were very good at what you do. My new employer also appreciated your lower fees. We will certainly use your firm and you in the future should any need arise.

Placed Controller

Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Dealership

Wade: As you well know I have been in the auto-service business for 28 years and am a single parent. I was seeking an upgrade on my job for several reasons, needing for income and dollars & desiring to work for a large company rather than an independent dealer, to hopefully increase my benefit package. You achieved both for me.
I always thought I could do it on my own, but not having the necessary inside connections made it difficult. You, on the other hand were able to not only make it happen for me but, also make it possible to spend absolutely NO wasted time with false hopeful’s.
For all your efforts I am extremely grateful! I will not hesitate to refer my friends to your firm, as I do highly respect a job well done. Once again, thanks for the good service.

Placed Service Advisor

Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Dealership

Car People Portland is a very professional service. They only supply me with quality applicants.

Fixed Operations Director (Another Hiring Manager placed by Car People Portland)

Confidential New Car Dealership

The best thing for me is that you really went to bat for me. You knew all of the Service Managers both professionally and personally. You gave me a sense of what each place is like. I got to choose where I wanted to go and it’s free. ( Trace had five years at his last Ford Dealership and had great references from his past Service Manager. The manager said Trace was a team player. )

Placed Ford Technician

Portland / Vancouver Metro Area Dealership

Dealership Executive
Auto Group Corporate
Accounting Office
& Administration


Finance &
Sales Management
Collision Center &
Body Shop

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